Regulated parking zone

The Alicante City Council, concerned with providing concrete solutions, is implementing new changes in the Regulated Parking Service (ORA).

To make parking much easier and more convenient for all citizens, in order to improve the flow of traffic.


Payment methods

Disabled people

Loading and unloading bays

Blue zone advantages

  • Reorganisation of regulated parking in the city centre, as a measure to manage the demand for private vehicles in the city centre (Alicante SUMP).
  • Because you will park better in the city centre. Nowadays it is really difficult to leave your car in the city centre.
  • Because it will improve traffic flow and make streets more passable.
  • It is quicker to park, shop or do business in the city centre.
  • It favours commerce and companies that have their businesses in the centre as it will be easier to park.
  • You will have more time to do your own thing.
  • Residents will find it easier and more convenient to park near their homes.

Resident card

Alicante Citizen Card (TCA) application form

Interested residents must obtain the Alicante Citizen Card (TCA), with will be available for use in the Orange zone.

The TCA is a card issued by Alicante City Council, personal and non-transferable, which allows its holder access to various municipal services such as public transport, the municipal library loan service, regulated parking and others.

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