On a PROVISIONAL basis and UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, in order to obtain the status of RESIDENT it will not be necessary to have the Alicante Citizen Card (TAC), issued by Alicante City Council, but it will be necessary to comply with the rest of the established requirements, which are reminded as follows:


Ordinary processing:

The above-mentioned documentation may be submitted by the following means:

  • Preferably by e-mail to the following address gestió
  • In person at the ORA office, located at calle Pintor Velázquez, 15, bajo. It will not be attended without PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT.

To make an APPOINTMENT, please call: 965 20 65 27

Once the documentation has been checked, a reply will be sent by the same means that the application was made, within approximately 10 days.


C/: Pintor Velázquez, 15-Bajo
Public Attention in Office opening hours
from 9:00 to 14:00 h. and from 16:00 a 20:00 hours from Mondays to Thursdays and Fridays from 9.00 to 14.00 hours.
Telephone 965 20 65 27
E-mail request
Web-based management in
One resident card per household and vehicle

Only one TCA will be issued as a Resident Card per household and per vehicle holder.
Additional cards: Additional cards may be issued if there is more than one vehicle in the family home, when the holder lives with his/her spouse or unmarried partner and first-degree blood relatives who hold driving licences. The maximum number of cards shall coincide with the number of driving licences held. In this case, in addition to the documentation indicated in the previous section, as appropriate, a photocopy of the Family Book (first-degree blood relatives) or, in the case of unmarried couples, registration in the corresponding register must be provided.

In the following list of streets and in the map you could find your property:

Sector 1-A

Avda. Gral Marvá even numbers from nº 24 to the end of the street
Marqués de Molins
Ronda del Castillo
Pintor Murillo from nº 33 to the end of the street and from nº 14 to the end of the street
Avda. Poeta Carmelo Calvo odd numbers
Avda. Benito Peréz Galdós even numbers to nº 46

Sector 1-C

Avda. Alfonso el Sabio odd numbers
Avda. Jaime II odd numbers
Vazquez de Mella even numbers
Doña Violante
Virgen del Socorro
Avda. de Denia to nº 31
Juan Bautista Lafora
Paseo de Gómiz
Avda. Conde de Vallellano
Avenida Ramón y Cajal to nº 4
Avda. Doctor Gadea even numbers
Avda. Federico Soto even numbers

Sector 3-A

Luis Sánchez Octavio
Avda. Aguilera
Avda. Oscar Esplá odd numbers
Avda. Catedrático Soler even numbers from nº 30
Arquitecto Guardiola odd numbers
Avda. Aguilera even numbers from nº 38 to nº 54
Medico Pedro Herrero even numbers

Sector 1-B

Avda. Benito Peréz Galdós odd numbers from nº 31
Avda. Poeta Carmelo Calvo even
Pintor Murillo to nº 33 and to nº 14
Plaza Santa Teresa
Cuesta de la Fabrica
Avda. Jaime II odd numbers to nº 78
Avda. Alfonso el Sabio odd numbers
Avda. Gral Marvá odd numbers to nº 22

Sector 2-A

Avda. de Salamanca even numbers
Jaime Mª Buch
Avda. Gral Marvá odd numbers
Avda. Federico Soto odd numbers
Avda. Maisonnave even numbers

Sector 2-B

Avda. Maisonnave odds numbers
Avda. Doctor Gadea odds numbers
Avenida Ramón y Cajal from nº 6 to the end street
Avda. de Loring
Avda. Oscar Esplá even numbers

Sector 3-B

Medico Pedro Herrero odd numbers
Avda. Aguilera impares from nº 39 to nº 53
Arquitecto Guardiola even numbers
Avda. Catedrático Soler even numbers from nº 32 to nº 52
Santa María Mazarello odd numbers

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