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Where do I have to put the ticket?

So that the requested time is displayed on the front windscreen of the car. If you do not see it correctly you may be reported.

If I am a resident, can I park in the Blue Zone?

Yes, you will be able to park, paying the corresponding fee, just like other users.

If I am not a resident, can I park in the Orange Zone?

Yes, you will be able to park, paying the corresponding fee for Visitors of the Orange Zone.

When the weekly resident’s ticket, which lasts five days, runs out, can I get another one?

Yes, once the five days are over, if you want to continue parking, you have to get another ticket.

How long does the residence permit last?

One year, according to the Ordinance.

How long do I have to cancel the complaint?

You have 90 minutes from the hour and minute shown on your expired ticket, the end time of the ticket, not the time of the complaint.

Can I cancel the complaint for lack of a ticket?

No, since it is clearly specified that it is a sanctioning reason not to have it.

Is there any other form of payment other than cash to pay for parking in the blue and orange zones?

The service that orders and regulates parking in Alicante, allows the payment of the municipal tax corresponding to the service with coins, prepaid card and credit card.

You can also acquire the parking permit by obtaining a virtual ticket purchased in the corresponding application specifically authorised by the City Council.

How can I justify this expense to my company?

For the purpose of supporting documents for expense claims or similar, the receipt itself can be used.

What happens if I get a ticket after the end of the regulation hours?

If you get a ticket after the service has ended in the city, the parking meter will give you a ticket valid for the next regulation period and with the time corresponding to the amount entered.

If I receive a notice of complaint at my home address, where do I go to pay/claim?

Once you have been notified of the fine at your address, you should address your complaint or make payment to the offices of the ALICANTE TOWN HALL FINES UNIT.

Can motorbikes and mopeds park in regulated areas?

It is currently forbidden to park vehicles of this category in the blue or orange zones and they can be sanctioned by the local police.

Can the amount of two tickets issued at the same time be added together?

No, the tickets are not cumulative and must be taken consecutively and for the maximum time indicated in each corresponding fare.